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Technology, as Ontario car accident lawyers know, affects every aspect of our lives, including road safety. Smartphones and advanced in-car entertainment systems contribute to distracted driving. Automated safety features like emergency breaking and blind spot detection protect against human error.

So, will the next wave of technology improve safety on Ontario’s roads or hinder it? If a recent pilot project in Nevada is any indication, there is reason for optimism for the province’s car accident lawyers.

The project saw several public safety agencies (the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, the Nevada Department of Transportation, and the Nevada Highway Patrol) partner with a Tel Aviv-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup, Waycare, to reduce accidents on a stretch of highway near the Las Vegas Strip.

Waycare’s AI technology processed in-car information and various traffic data to determine road conditions, reduce congestion, and alert agencies to high-risk areas. The agencies then took preventative action based on the recommendations.

The results were positive. Collisions along the focal stretch of highway fell 17 per cent during the project, and 91 per cent of drivers travelling above 65 mph reduced their speed when preventative measures were taken.

“Groundbreaking partnerships like this enable Southern Nevada to continue to lead the way in leveraging advanced technologies to dramatically improve traffic safety and efficiency,” said RTC general manager Tina Quigley, according to the National Post.

“These latest statistics coupled with the fact that we are identifying accidents up to 12 minutes faster with the Waycare platform helps translate what public and private partnerships can do and that AI is working to modernize and create a better transportation system for all.”

“The results of this pilot program are a clear sign that AI and deep learning, when deployed in collaboration with traffic management and enforcement agencies, can have a dramatic impact on improving the safety of even our busiest and most at-risk freeways,” added Waycare co-founder and CEO Noam Maital.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can contribute to road safety in Ontario, but technology alone won’t prevent collisions. Government buy-in, improved driver behaviours, and significant infrastructure upgrades are all necessary to reduce road deaths in our province.

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