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Last April, we discussed situations in which governments are liable for car accident injuries. As our article emphasized, human error is the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents, but in rare cases car accident lawyers may pursue compensation from governments for negligence relating to road maintenance and design.

The article focused on Highway 3 in Essex County, Ontario. Serious accidents are common along this southern Ontario route: between 1993 and 2015, 11 fatal car accidents occurred on a single five-kilometre stretch. Road safety experts believe most of the accidents were caused by human error but exacerbated by the fact that the busy stretch has only two lanes to accommodate high volumes of traffic, per CBC Windsor. Despite understanding the safety risks associated with the route, successive provincial governments failed to consider changes.

The Province’s inaction compelled accident survivors to explore legal options. They believed the government’s unwillingness to pursue safety improvements made it liable for injuries. If the road had been widened, they said, their accidents might have been avoided or less severe.

Changes Coming

In August 2019, the provincial government finally announced plans to widen Highway 3 between Essex and Leamington. The news was applauded by Ontario car accident lawyers, even if work won’t begin for several years.

“Widening and improving safety on Highway 3 is a priority for this government,” said Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney at the announcement. “From day one we have been committed to improving road safety and making life easier for families and businesses by delivering on transportation projects in every corner of the province.”

There are a number of hurdles the government must clear prior to construction, including land acquisitions, engineering studies, and environmental assessments. However, the Transportation Minister’s announcement is seen as an important first step towards safer roads in southern Ontario.

“The best time to have done this would have [been] five to 10 years ago,” one car accident lawyer told CBC News Windsor. “The next best time to do it is today.”

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