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Thank You, Neinstein Personal Injury Legal Team !

When first I met Gary Neinstein, I was in a wheelchair, wondering if I was ever going to walk again.

On the advice of some other patients at Toronto Rehab – Lyndhurst Spinal Rehabilitation Hospital, I sought out legal advice.  I told everyone that I really shouldn’t need it, that my insurance company would look after me, and that, after all, my car accident had been my fault.  But, I heeded the advice, and interviewed a couple of lawyers that specialize in personal injury.  There were a couple of nice people who offered some help, but little hope.  They figured that my injury would not be considered ‘catastrophic’.

Then, Gary Neinstein walked into my room with an associate.  He seemed tough, resolved, even ‘pushy’ – the kind of guy that you didn’t want on the other side of the negotiating table from you.  I decided, almost at once, that this was the guy that I wanted on MY side of the table.  Gary said, ‘first, you sign the contract, then we are going to look for all of the contributing factors, then we get the documents to have your ‘catastrophic determination’ put to rest, and then you will get the best health and rehabilitation that money can buy’.  I never, in all my life, have I had anyone stand up for me like that.  Gary Neinstein proceeded just as he said.

For 5 long years, I continued my rehab, and Neinstein put a quality team together for me that made certain that I was getting all of the proper help that I needed.  There were lots of bumps in the road of recovery, and Neinstein maintained that same air of confidence, and got the insurer to agree to pay for all of the rehab that I needed.  I am still not back to where I was, neither physically, nor emotionally, but The Neinstein Team was able to negotiate a settlement with the insurer, to ensure that I had the resources to provide for my care going forward.  In fairness to the insurer, they handled my case professionally, but insisted upon Independent Evaluations, some of which questioned my Catastrophic Injuries.  Neinstein stood up for me each time, and advised, and sometimes ‘held my hand’ through some tough spots.  If I had just proceeded on my own, as I first had planned, I would not have been raised to the level of ‘catastrophic’ injury that brings in the bulk of the funds for independent care.

No matter what else happened, I would be grateful for the Team that Gary and Greg Neinstein put together, for the encouragement they provided, and for 5 long years of service for which they didn’t get any reimbursement until a settlement was finally reached, and the systems in place to care for me for the rest of my life.


Today, I feel like a lucky man, despite my injuries.  I continue with my rehab team, using the money that Neinstein was able to negotiate for me.  Being out of work for the last 5 years, and needing rehab and attendant care, I might have lost my house, if not for the dedication by Neinstein.  I am still not able to return to work, yet, and so I really make good use of the settlement funds that Neinstein negotiated for me.  Certainly, if I had not met with Neinstein, I might have ended up with the minimum rehab, and would have been out of funds and lacking care within a few short months after discharge.


I highly recommend Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers to fight for you, and get you the help that you deserve to get well.



Thanks to all – “The Team”

Yasmin was there for my first call. Her calm and caring voice told us that Jeffrey would be at the hospital that morning. The boss showed up with Sebastian and they both put my wife and I in a state of relief knowing we were being looked after. They put us in contact with Melisa and Mallory who have answered questions, helped our many needs on this journey. Now I can look back at that horrific first months and can finally breathe. Thank you all for your expertise and caring, you guys are great.

Brian, Helen, and our Rachel


After my unfortunate injury due to a property owner’s negligence, I contacted Eric Joffe and his highly professional team. With compassion and understanding, they worked closely with me to guide me through the legal process. I was completely satisfied with my final compensation and strongly recommend Eric’s professional services.


I suffered some nasty slip and fall injuries during the fall of 2013, and had seen the name Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers over the internet, so I decided to call there for assistance. That was a decision I am so happy to have made. From the beginning, my lawyer, Erik Joffe was respectful, available, attentive, knowledgeable, resourceful, professional, gave great advice, and kept me fully informed throughout the process. Most importantly, Erik managed to achieve surprisingly excellent results at the settlement meeting, precluding any need to go to court.

My dealings with everybody else I encountered at Neinstein were likewise easeful and accommodating, particularly with Kate Rawson, Erik’s assistant, who was a delight and very helpful to me. Michelle Kudlats was kind enough to see me on my final visit, in Erik’s absence, and again I found her too to be personable, professional and accommodating.

In summary, I don’t have enough good things to say about my experience with Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers as a client, and I will highly recommend this firm to everyone one in future, especially Mr. Erik Joffe. Thank you all so very much!


We were referred to Duncan through a relative who happens to be a lawyer and has knowledge of the trauma that we were experiencing at the time. Our daughter was born with a traumatic brain injury at delivery and we were clueless about our options but felt we needed to speak to someone and at least explore different possibilities.
Duncan was the second lawyer we met with but immediately felt he would be the best person to represent us. We could tell from the beginning he had immense medical knowledge because of his many years of experiences as a medical malpractice lawyer and we connected with Duncan as a person and a parent; he could relate to us and very personable.

Throughout the four year journey we embarked on Duncan became more of a family member than a just a lawyer. It was an extremely complex process that needed not only legal expertise but also leadership and Duncan always put our family first.

One of the most important attributes that Duncan possesses outside of his legal skills was his ability to understand our family dynamics and keep us informed at every step of the way.

This case was literally our life for over four years. The stress was absolutely enormous and Duncan advocated for us as if he was advocating for his own family. Too many times he had to deal with not only an impossibly frustrating defense counsel but also our short tempers, frustrations and fears. He balanced all this and kept us focused on what was important while he took care of the legal process, which he knew inside out. My wife and I would reassure ourselves that we trust Duncan and his amazing team and that literally got us through some very trying times.

In the end Duncan not only got us the result that was needed and deserved but he did so with putting our family first and in our fragile mental and emotional state we could not have asked for anything more. It’s great to know that we now have the ability to take care of our daughter and her future needs.

I would recommend Duncan without even a moment’s hesitation to anyone that needs expert legal advice and guidance. He is Master of his craft that truly cares about the families he represents.

N.V. & K.H.

Dear Greg

I never thought we would finally see the end of this. It’s bittersweet because this lifestyle is all we know. But we got here because of you. Your expertise and patience made this possible. You and your firm has been so good to our family. You really showed you cared, and for me that’s all that matters. As we close this chapter of our lives I want you to know Greg, that I don’t think this would be possible without you. I and my family want to thank you for all your hard work and long hours you put into this case. I remember when I first met you 5 years ago. You said when this is over we’d be like family. I now believe that’s true.

A.C. & L.C.

My family’s world changed on January 24, 2002 when my 15 year old daughter suffered a catastrophic brain injury in a single vehicle accident in Burlington. A referral from a family friend/lawyer connected us with Duncan Embury.
Our first meeting was at McMaster Hospital Intensive Care Unit where Duncan clearly explained Ontario’s insurance rules, the torte process and how we were facing life-long medical expenses vs. limited funding. This is where the journey began to give my daughter the best options for attendant care, therapies and a good quality of life. I’m not going to lie, it was a long road but thanks to Duncan’s support, expertise, creative solutions and sense of humor, my family felt that we were on the right path.

Duncan always made me feel that I was part of the solution and welcomed my tough questions and encouraged my suggestions. We definitely worked as a team. He connected us with the best experts that supported our case, the family and my daughter. I am pleased to report that my family has come out the other side of this tragedy. We couldn’t be more grateful.



In 2010, I met Duncan for the first time with my wife. He explained to me that he had reviewed all the information I had sent to his firm and he said he couldn’t believe what he was reading. With that he looked at me and said he would like to help me, because there is a good cause for legal action. So he took the case and things started moving along. The ordeal took many years but we closed up the case.
During that period, I spent a lot of time with Daniela and a lot of time with Duncan. They came over many times to go over things with me and my wife; they took care of the whole thing.
I feel that after 5 years we have more than a professional connection; we developed a strong friendship. I fell more than just a client I feel like they care about me and my welfare. The way he talks about his clients is very endearing. He is a very compassionate man and he remembers all details about his clients which is very reassuring. You couldn’t ask for two people to represent you better then what they did. They just don’t exist.

Over all those months, that I went through the discovery, pre-trial and trial other lawyers would come up to me and say “You are a fortunate man, Duncan is one of the best lawyers you are ever going to get” and that wasn’t just one time, it was several time that other lawyers came up and told me that. I always felt very confident in working with Duncan. He changed my life for the better and for that I am so grateful.


Dear Jeff and Ruth
We would like to thank you and Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers LLP for being a member is the golf tournament committee a valued sponsor at St. Michaels 12th annual out of the rough gold tournament. We are thrilled to announce that this year‘s tournament was a huge success and raised over $92,000. Thank you again for your support.


Dear Greg,

Just wanted to say thanks for your advice and honesty the other day. Lots to learn and think about! You really are the best firm that I enjoy working with. I hope to continue growing our relationship. Give my best to the team!

Best Wishes,

Physio-Logic Rehabilitation Services

Dear Rose,

After my car accident, I did require rehabilitation resulting from my injuries. Due to insurance “minor injuries category, the minimal funds were depleted rapidly. After this point numerous independent medical evaluations were performed and the censes was that my condition still required extensive therapy / pain management. With thousands of personal injury law firms to choose from all claiming “you won’t pay any fees unless the case is settled” I wanted to find a firm who offered me much more than this being their priority. After finding your website, reading great testimonials, I was most impressed about how I could meet all member of your firm through video playback.

This allowed me to choose which car accident lawyer would best would fit my personality and trust who would assist me best; prior to meeting in person. You expert knowledge, compassionate guidance, simplified communications , never leaving any of my questions unanswered, was for beyond my expectation. Your unconditional commitment to succeed allowed me to remain positive and trust that you would obtain the best compensation that I deserved.

When your life and family are turned upside down from a careless driver, you trust that your car insurance will “take care of your best interest”, which is far from the truth. You confidently battles the one sided insurance industry and allowed me to concentrate on getting my life back together again.

A valuable lesson I learnt was that I should have contact you immediately following my car accident. I will proudly recommend you and neinstein and associates without hesitation.


Dear Greg

Just a short note to thank you very much for helping us through this difficult time. We are so grateful for all the assistance of your entire team and have been very impressed with all they have done.
We also thank you for your guidance and continued support.
With heartfelt gratitude, we thank-you for your support.

R. R. & K. S.

Dear Sonia,

This is a long overdue THANK YOU from my mom and me for all that you have done to bring her case to a successful close, my apologies.

I know that her case was not an easy one. For us, especially for my mom, it was a very stressful process.

Your expertise, guidance and professionalism gave her a sense of hope and security. These merits were more than evident during the mediation. We are very grateful and fortunate to have had you on our side.


If an opportunity ever arises for a reference, you will have our recommendation without any hesitation.


P.S. I wanted to send this thank you note since the conclusion of my mom’s case, but I was rather overwhelmed with having gone back to work, 2 kids, and very busy work schedules for both my husband and me, among other things.


Sincerely! Ivana

With gratitude,

Ivana and Nevenka Ivanovic

Dear Ruth

On behalf of the Family Residence, thank you for your generosity in donating and volunteering your time at the Holiday Celebration. Your participation was greatly appreciated by our staff and clients; the kids really loved you. We hope to see you again at our 2014 holiday event

Thanks again,

S.C., Fr


You helped me so much when I was in need. Battling against G.W. Life. I will support you, your family, and the Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers organization ALWAYS…



Dear Neinstein Team,
Lou and I are writing this thank you note to you to express our gratitude for everything you have done for us. After the tragic accident that we survived and to have met a wonderful and caring person like you who was our lawyer and helped us so much, is a miracle. How can we really say how we feel?

My lawyer took over from day one. Lou and I remember I never had a moments’ worry; we had all the faith and trust in you and you came through for us. We will never forget everything you did for us even though you were very busy you always had time for my phone calls or office visits. We will always be grateful and never forget you!


B.K. & L.K.

To Greg
You exceeded my expectation as a lawyer in handling my case. From the start you have been a man of your word and you never let me down. I know that I was demanding at times but you handled my requests with ease and you held high expectations throughout my case.

I am very grateful that you took over my case and you helped me connect with good people. You and your team took great care of me in a time of my life when I needed the right kind of support to get better.

I am forever appreciative of the kind of professionalism and dedication you put forth in my case. I hope that you feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you took a huge burden from me so that I could get myself better.

Thank you so much.

A.C. & L.C.

Dear Greg
I never thought we would finally see the end of this. It’s bittersweet because this lifestyle is all we know. But we got here because of you. Your expertise and patience made this possible. You and your firm has been so good to our family. You really showed you cared, and for me that’s all that matters. As we close this chapter of our lives I want you to know Greg, that I don’t think this would be possible without you. I and my family want to thank you for all your hard work and long hours you put into this case. I remember when I first met you 5 years ago. You said when this is over we’d be like family. I now believe that’s true.


A few years ago, after a fall, I made one of the best and important decisions of my life. I called Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers and ultimately, Stacy Koumarelas.
Since that day, even though I had my husband’s support at home, I had someone working tirelessly on my behalf, someone who believed in me and the chance that my case could be settled. That person was Stacy along with her right hand person, Iris.

While there is a long road ahead with therapy and surgery, I now have a cushion to fall back on.

Thank you Gary Neinstein, Stacy and your outstanding firm.



Hi Rose,
Thank you so much for all your help and assisting me through this settlement. You have been wonderful to work with and have made this experience go very smooth. I have to say that I am happy with your promptness each and every time we communicated and I appreciate all your advice in regards to my claim.

These situations are always packed with all sorts of emotions and I thank you for taking the time to properly explain all details in regards to the entire process.

I wish you all the best and once again thank you very much for all your help! I truly appreciate everything you have done for me!
Kindest regards,


Hello Neinstein Team,
Wow, thank you very much! There is much in my life for which I feel thankful and grateful.

With the coming of Thanksgiving, I took a few moments to reflect on just how good life really is; I am alive and walking, and driving, even. I have a roof over my head, and food on the table, a person who helps me attend to everyday life, good friends, good neighbours, a tremendous family, and a wonderful team of professionals who look out for me. I feel especially blessed.

Thank you, Gary and Yasmin, Judy and Claudia, Shanda and Marek, Gen (the new Mrs. Savoie), and of course, Maddy! Although I don’t express it often enough, your help has been invaluable, and your efforts do not go unnoticed.

I’m getting a bit teary, now, so I will leave it at that for now…
Happy Thanksgiving !



Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers is a leading Toronto personal injury law firm. Our lawyers feel it is their responsibility to help you discover the government and health organizations who can also assist you in your road to recovery. To the right of this page are valuable Canadian health and government resources that relate to personal injury law in Canada. We also provide you with a directory of other Toronto lawyers who can provide legal assistance to you outside of the scope of areas of expertise.

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