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Nothing is more important to the personal injury lawyers at Neinstein than the health and wellbeing of our clients. For more than 45 years, Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers has been dedicated to providing caring, compassionate legal representation to injury victims from across Ontario. We understand how challenging a serious personal injury can be and how financial compensation can aid the recovery process. Our goal is to relieve the physical, emotional, and financial burdens associated with your injury to give you the time and space you need to focus on your recovery.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Ontario, call Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers today to learn how we can help.



Mr. Neinstein’s intelligence, honesty, sensibility and support helped me handle my loss with courage. Despite my limitations and fear for the future, he helped me to find hope and realize my full potential for happiness. Not only did he handle my case with professionalism and determination, but more importantly he assisted me in getting the medical attention I required. His compassion made me feel like a person and not a case. When your future depended on a lawyer, I was fortunate to find Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers!


Personal injury lawyers in Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s economic engine and a popular destination for tourists from around the world. Geographically, it is an incredibly varied province containing massive lakes, dense forest, natural parks, rugged landscapes, and some of the country’s largest cities. With a population well over 13-million, more than one out of every three Canadian’s lives in Ontario.

The features that make Ontario Canada’s beating heart also pose risks. Road safety, in particular, is a major concern for Ontario personal injury lawyers. At popular tourist destinations like Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum and CN Tower, or Ottawa’s National Gallery of Canada, pedestrians and motorists alike must take care to avoid collisions.

Boating safety is another concern. Between the Great Lakes, the Muskoka Region, Algonquin Park, and Ontario’s many other outdoor destinations, boating accidents contribute to hundreds of deaths and serious injuries each year.

Thankfully, Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to offer legal representation to seriously injured Ontarians from across the province. Whether you have been injured in a collision in downtown Toronto or a boating accident on Lake Nipigon, an Ontario personal injury lawyer from Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers is ready to help.

How can a personal injury lawyer help?

If you are injured in an accident, contacting an Ontario personal injury lawyer should be your first priority. A successful personal injury claim can award you compensation that is crucial to your recovery, but without an experienced injury lawyer’s help your chances of success are slim.

Speed is of the essence if you are considering launching a personal injury claim. Your personal injury lawyer will need time to review evidence, decide on a strategy, and estimate fair and reasonable compensation for your damages. If you’re considering a claim, reach out to an injury lawyer as soon as possible.

More about personal injuries

What is a personal injury?

Simply, a personal injury is an injury to an individual’s body or mind. A personal injury lawsuit alleges that another party – a person, business, or municipality, for example – is responsible for these injuries, and that the injury victim is seeking compensation for the damages they have incurred. Damages refer to the effects of the injury on the plaintiff. These can be monetary (medical costs, lost future earnings) or more nebulous (pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life).

Types of accidents and injuries

Motor vehicle accidents, including accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and car accidents are the most common sources of serious personal injuries in Ontario. Other common accidents include slip-and-fall events, product liability accidents, and acts of medical negligence.

Common injuries resulting from these accidents include brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and anxiety. Each of these can have significant, long-lasting impacts on a person’s life, impacts that an Ontario personal injury lawyer must quantify in order to seek compensation.

Contact an Ontario personal injury lawyer at Neinstein

If you live in Ontario and have suffered a serious personal injury, contact Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer. Our team can provide guidance and advice as you consider your legal options, and will provide committed representation if you should choose to proceed.

At Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers, we work on a contingency basis, meaning you will not be asked to pay legal fees until your case has been successfully resolved.

Contact Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers today toll-free at 416-920-4242; by email at info@neinstein.com; through the Live Chat feature at the bottom right corner of this window; or via the contact form on the Contact Us page of this website.

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers is a personal injury and accident law firm with expertise in all aspects of Canadian personal injury law. With head offices in Toronto, Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to represent injury victims from across Ontario.

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