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Car accident lawyers have safety concerns about buses and other back to school factors

September is here and kids are back at school across Ontario! Every year, the return to school prompts an influx of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and other traffic, which increases the risk of collisions involving children. Understandably, this is a nervous time of year for car accident lawyers and safety advocates. Here are a few steps you and your kids can take to avoid danger and stay safe this school year.

School Bus Accidents

Transport Canada research shows that school bus travel is roughly 16 times safer than travelling in a family car. However, mishaps involving school buses can and do occur, and the results can be devastating.

There are two categories of school bus injuries to consider: those that happen inside the bus, and those that happen outside of it. Remind your kids to sit still and remain quiet while travelling on the bus. The dangers of distracted driving are well understood these days, and a bus full of screaming, fighting kids is about as distracting as it gets. If your child’s school bus driver is able to remain focused on the road, their chances of arriving home safely will be much higher.

Perhaps more importantly, remind your child to be cautious while exiting their school bus and crossing the street. By law, cars must remain stopped behind school buses during drop-offs – but not all drivers obey the rules of the road, as car accident lawyers know well. Instruct your child to be vigilant around their school bus and remain cautious until they are safely on the side of the road.

Driving to School

 The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re driving your child to school is that you are a source of danger to his or her classmates. School drop-off zones are hectic places. Drive as slowly as possible in school zones, avoid distractions of any kind, and be prepared to break suddenly for children darting across the street. Treat every child on the road as if they were your own.

Walking or Biking to School

 Walking or biking to school is a great way for your child to get some exercise and learn important life skills. But don’t let them travel to school independently until you’re sure they can handle it. Design a route that avoids major arteries and walk or ride with them several times before they travel alone. Make sure they are aware of pedestrian and cycling safety basics: always wear a helmet; always obey the rules of the road; always be aware of the traffic around you; etc.

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