Personal Injury Lawyers Podcasts

The Neinstein Podcast

Episode 1

Introduction to Accident Benefits

Date: 2022-10-28
Duration: 14:38

In our first episode, we speak with Accident Benefits Specialist Sebastian Gallagher as he introduces us to history and theory behind the no-fault insurance system.

Episode 2

The Call to Action: The Current State of Insurance in Ontario

Date: 2022-12-07
Duration: 15:13

In the second episode of the Neinstein Podcast, we are continuing our conversation with Sebastian Gallagher on the Accident Benefit System in Ontario and what we can do to create change in the current system.

Episode 3

Trauma Informed Lawyering

Date: 2023-03-01
Duration: 11:44

This month's episode, we will be discussing trauma informed lawyering. What is it? Who does it impact? How can we better educate ourselves? Sonia is joined by our current articling student Stacy Bailey, to discuss whether law schools are educating students with a trauma informed lens.

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