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Accident Benefit Entitlement


At Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers, our legal team has experience in the areas of accident benefit claims and personal injury law. We can help you decipher the fine print: our accomplished attorneys are well-versed in insurance policy, pertinent legislation, and how to best present your case in order to acquire valuable car accident benefits and the compensation to which you are entitled.

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Schedule: Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits Schedule


Our lawyers have extensive experience in pursuing accident benefit claims. Your eligibility for benefits depends on the type of insurance policy you purchased, when the accident occurred, and the extent of your injuries. Our lawyers will vigorously advocate on your behalf to make certain you receive the medical treatment and income benefits you need for your recovery.


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At Neinstein we have been advocating for injured victims for over 50 years. Our committed and compassionate team will do everything necessary to help you and your family find solutions to the new challenges that arise from serious injuries.

Our team will ensure you access the proper healthcare support to aid in your recovery. While you focus on your rehabilitation, we will thoroughly investigate your case and guide you through the litigation process so we can achieve the maximum compensation that you deserve.