A Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Help You Access Benefits from Your Insurer

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Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers has represented seriously injured Ontarians for over 40 years. Some of the most discouraging cases we’ve managed in that time involved insurance providers denying benefits to individuals whose lives had been seriously disrupted by an accident. Our long-term disability lawyers work tirelessly to protect clients who require financial benefits to fund their recoveries and provide for their families.

What is a Long-Term Disability and how are they Caused?

In general, a long-term disability (LTD) is an injury or illness that prevents you from working and earning a living. Long-term disabilities can come in many forms, from physical conditions like paraplegia, quadriplegia, and chronic pain to mental health issues such as PTSD and anxiety.

Long-term disabilities can be caused by any traumatic injury or illness. Many of our LTD clients were injured in motor vehicle accidents, but we have also represented clients injured in boating accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and falls, and by medical errors.

What Are Long-Term Disability Benefits?

Long-term disability benefits are available to Ontarians who own long-term disability insurance, which can be acquired through an insurance broker, directly from an insurance provider, or through some workplace policies. Disability insurance is a form of income replacement that generally covers 60-85 per cent of your regular income, up to a maximum amount.

If you have been injured and are no longer able to work, you have every right to file a long-term disability benefits claim with your insurer. A long-term disability lawyer from Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers can help you file your claim and resolve any disputes with your insurer.

Insurance Disputes

Filing an LTD claim with your insurer does not guarantee access to LTD benefits. Insurance providers are reluctant to pay out large sums of money and may contest your claim by suggesting that you are not disabled, not sufficiently disabled, or have mispresented your condition.

In this situation, a long-term disability lawyer may be able to defend your claim and help secure access to fair and reasonable benefits. A person should not be punished for being unable to work following an accident. Denial of a seriously injured accidents victim’s LTD claim puts that victim and their family in an extremely vulnerable position. Recovery from a traumatic personal injury can be costly; LTD benefits help pay for medical care, rehab, therapy, home renovations, lost income, and a wide range of other costs and expenses.

Contact an Experienced Long-Term Disability Lawyer

If you’ve been injured and are having difficulty accessing long-term disability benefits from your insurer, contact Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team will assess your claim and provide guidance and support throughout the legal process.

Greg Neinstein, B.A. LLB., is the Managing Partner at Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers LLP. His practice focuses on serious injury and complex insurance claims, including motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, long-term disability claims and insurance claims. Greg has extensive mediation and trial experience and has a reputation among his colleagues as a skillful negotiator.
Greg Neinstein
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