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What if I believe the accident was at least partly my fault?

Whether you were partly at fault for your accident, fully at fault, or not at fault at all, you should contact a car accident attorney Toronto as soon as possible. Ontario's no-fault accident benefits system means that every driver involved in a collision has a right to benefits; even in civil proceedings, being partly at-fault doesn't disqualify you from seeking compensation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

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At Neinstein we have been advocating for injured victims for over 50 years. Our committed and compassionate team will do everything necessary to help you and your family find solutions to the new challenges that arise from serious injuries.

Our team will ensure you access the proper healthcare support to aid in your recovery. While you focus on your rehabilitation, we will thoroughly investigate your case and guide you through the litigation process so we can achieve the maximum compensation that you deserve.


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