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Frequently Asked Questions - Distracted / Impaired Driving Lawyer FAQ


Distracted / Impaired Driving Lawyer FAQ

You may still be entitled to medical rehabilitation benefits and income replacement benefits even if you were at-fault for the accident.  You should contact a lawyer to investigate your rights.

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Impaired and distracted driving is considered negligence under the law. If you have been injured by an impaired or distracted driver, you may be entitled to sue in court for compensation for your injuries.

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Motor vehicle accident claims are highly regulated under the Insurance Act and there is a complex interplay of entitlements under the law. It is important to obtain a lawyer that specializes in this area to ensure you understand your rights.

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At Neinstein we have been advocating for injured victims for over 50 years. Our committed and compassionate team will do everything necessary to help you and your family find solutions to the new challenges that arise from serious injuries.

Our team will ensure you access the proper healthcare support to aid in your recovery. While you focus on your rehabilitation, we will thoroughly investigate your case and guide you through the litigation process so we can achieve the maximum compensation that you deserve.