Mar 20, 2013 in News Events

Events: IBC seeks consumer input on Ontario auto insurance with interactive display

IBC seeks consumer input on Ontario auto insurance with interactive display

"Consumers deserve a competitive auto insurance system that delivers affordable premiums for all drivers and fair benefits for injured collision victims," Ralph Palumbo, vice president for Ontario at IBC commented. "We all have a role to play - government, industry and consumers - to help fix this problem once and for all.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada will soon be launching a public education display at a mall in the Greater Toronto Area focused on auto insurance issues, a hot topic in the region and Ontario generally.

The Time to Talk Tour is seeking consumer opinions about the problems they think face Ontario's auto insurance system, and also provides the chance to have questions answered by insurance experts, IBC said in a statement.

The display will be at Vaughan Mills from March 22-24, and will include:

  • A fender bender exhibit, designed to demonstrate how a small collision can escalate into a large claim.
  • Experts to answer insurance questions.
  • A "video driver's seat" that allows visitors to have their say and tell their auto insurance story. Selected videos will be posted on IBC's interactive forum at
  • The Scruples Challenge, an interactive video game that features five scenarios to test participants' risk tolerance to fraud. Scenarios include a bank teller blooper, an unexpected ATM windfall, fender-bending the truth, video vampires, and rub my back, I'll rub yours.

IBC will deliver the feedback it receives from consumers to members of provincial parliament from all political parties, it said. The display builds on IBC's Time to Talk website, where consumers can send in questions about auto insurance issues.

We are going to be at Vaughan Mills Mall Friday to Sunday to talk insurance. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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