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Jul 28, 2015 in News Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents: Avoid motorcycle accidents by following these motorcycle safety tips

With nicer weather outside, it’s a great time for motorcyclists to take their vehicles out for a spin. But motorcyclists need to always remain carefully vigilant when driving.

In spring, the Toronto Police held a safety session for motorcycle riders in a bid to help prevent motorcycle accidents.

“In the past few weeks, we had a number of motorcycle riders go down on the Don Valley Parkway and out in the west-end. They all suffered serious injury,” Constable Clint Stibbe told Global News Toronto.

“What we’re trying to do is to bring back to the forefront things that riders need to be aware of…”

Since 1995, there have been 62 motorcycle fatalities in Toronto, which all the victims were male, according to the Toronto Police. Of those involved in fatal accidents, 15 victims were under the age of 25, while 36 of them were between the age of 25 to 39 years old.

Improper driving by the motorcyclist can lead to crashes, but in 22 of the motorcycle fatalities in Toronto, the motorcyclist did nothing wrong. Also, most fatal collisions occurred when roads were dry.

But OPP stats last year showed that the number of motorcycle fatalities was heading to a seven-year high with 26 deaths by September.

Driving safely is a concern for many motorcyclists and here are some ways they can prevent accidents from happening.

Make sure you’re visible on the road. There are many ways to do this, whether it’s making sure your headlights work during the day and night, using reflective strips or decals on your clothing or your motorcycle or flashing your brake light when you’re slowing down or stopping.

Wear a helmet. All motorcyclists are required by law to wear helmets, which can protect you from a serious head injury in the event of an accident. Helmets must have a strong chin strap and fastener. They should be in good condition and fit snugly on your head. Motorcyclists should consider buying a full-faced helmet since it offers the best protection and most comfort, along with a helmet that’s brightly coloured or has reflective devices. While helmets are an important safety device, they also keep bugs, wind or debris from flying into your face.

Wear protective clothing. Wearing the right gear, such as bright clothing, long sleeves, gloves and thick clothing, can help with your visibility and also protect you from wind, rain or debris on the roads. You’ll want your arms and legs covered completely, even during warm weather, and you’ll want clothes that will keep you warm and dry from the outdoor elements. Be careful that clothing doesn’t flap in the wind and shoes shouldn’t have rings or laces since they could get caught in the motorcycle’s controls.

Be in good mental and physical condition to drive. Driving while alert is crucial to safely operating a motorcycle and if you’re sick, tired or injured, it’s better to not drive. Being calm and alert allows you to react to emergency situations.

Know your vehicle. The only way you can confidently ride your vehicle is if you know it well. Learn where all the controls are and feel confident in your riding skills before travelling in traffic. You should be able to change controls on your vehicle without looking down and in time, your reactions will be reflexes.

Check your vehicle before taking it on a ride. Your motorcycle’s upkeep is directly related to your safety and you should perform frequent checks on it. Aspects to check include your tires, controls, brakes, chassis, cables, lights, fuel and oil and stands.

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