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Slip and Fall Claims: The cost of preventable injuries is becoming more expensive

The cost of preventable injuries is becoming more expensive

In Canada, preventable injuries, such as motor vehicle accidents, falls and fires, killed 15,866 people and left 231,596 Canadians hospitalized in 2010, according to The Cost of Injury in Canada report produced by Parachute, a national charity that works towards stopping preventable injuries.

Preventable injuries are so common that every hour, 427 people suffer from one, whether it’s a drowning, car crash or poisoning. This type of injury is the leading cause of death for Canadians between the ages of one to 44 with the injury death rate rising to 43.25 per 100,000 injuries from 42.06 per 100,000 injures.

In 2010, falls were the most frequent type of injury. Falls led to 4,071 deaths, 128,389 hospitalizations, 1,036,079 emergency room visits, 23,236 cases of permanent partial disability and 1,969 cases of permanent total disability. Transport incidents were also very frequent and led to 2,620 deaths, 28,350 hospitalizations, 290,782 emergency room visits, 7,204 cases of permanent partial disabilities and 699 cases of permanent total disabilities.

These injuries lead to an emotional toll on their loved ones, but these injuries cost more than $26.8 billion each year for direct and indirect costs, which is an increase of 35 per cent from 2004.

Based on the current trend, the rate and cost of preventable injuries is expected to worsen with a forecast of 26,390 deaths, while the cost to Canadians will rise to $75 billion.

“The numbers tell a compelling story about the cumulative impact of injury and the importance of prevention for individuals, families, and our health care system,” said Louise Logan, Parachute’s CEO and president, said in a press release. “Now is the time for coordinated action so we can stop the clock on preventable injuries.”

One way to prevent many of the injuries is by investing into certain programs. According to Parachute Canada, every $1 dollar spent on a booster seat can save society $71, while every $1 spent on a bicycle helmet or child safety seat can save society $45 and $42, respectively. For every $1 spent on zero alcohol tolerance for drivers under 21 can save society $25.

“The trouble is, too many people think “we won’t get hurt“, and that serious injuries only happen to other people,” said the report. “However, they can and do happen – to us and to others around us – at home, at play, at work and on the road.

“Too many Canadians have their lives and those of their families irrevocably changed forever as a result of injury.”

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